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Celebrate Every Day Featuring Brian Reinbold

January 25, 2022 Benjamin Warsinske Season 1 Episode 8
Bricks+Brands Podcast
Celebrate Every Day Featuring Brian Reinbold
Show Notes

I had the great opportunity to meet Brian Reinbold  at a virtual event, hosted a mutual friend. From that initial meeting, we chatted via Zoom and quickly became friends. 

We touch on a variety of topics throughout our conversation, but the common theme throughout is a motto that Brian proudly wears on his myriad of T-shirts: "Celebrate Every Day."

In this episode we talk about finding our purpose and how it can help guide you through life. We touch on leadership, workplace culture, play, teamwork, and so much more!

Meet Brian
BRIAN REINBOLD is at his best when he is helping others to become their best. He is the eternal optimist, an enlightening and uplifting speaker, and a community builder who inspires people in all walks of life to rise and meet their challenges through the service of others. With his innovative approach to leadership development, soothing voice, engaging sense of humor, passion for mentoring, and ability to harness the power of analogy to create the aha moment, Brian invites you to dream bigger, accomplish more, and have more fun than you ever thought possible.

Brian is the architect of a successful career that spans business ownership, consulting, coaching, sales management, sales training, philanthropy, professional speaking, and broadcasting, As the host of the BraveHearts Radio Show on Voice America Internet Radio, he is taking the thought leadership conversation to the next level, providing an outlet for experts to broaden their reach and find a target audience. As the Mission Specialist, he is elevating the profile of BraveHearts for Kids, a charity organization that supports the needs of pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Through his corporate board experience, broadcasting platform, writings, and instructional methods, Brian is crystallizing the concept of mission-building behavior and helping mission-driven organizations connect with their employees and/or constituents. He is known as a design thinker and a dot connector who can align people with ideas, course a path, and generate a best-fit solution. His vision is to create an environment that supports open communication, increases employee and customer retention, and drives profitability.

About BraveHearts for Kids

BraveHearts for Kids is a national 501(c)(3) public charity with a mission of providing life-saving treatments, hope, and inspiration to families facing a pediatric cancer ordeal through outreach, information, and mentoring.

Adopting the title of Mission Specialist to align with Bravehearts’ connection to NASA, Brian builds on a tradition of excellence in corporate board service in a leadership role akin to a chief operating officer. He oversees the operations of the organization and manages the resources that build capacity and drive the success of each initiative. In Brian’s words, “I don’t fly the rockets; I just make sure the mission gets accomplished.”
At the focus of Brian’s work is elevating the national profile of BraveHearts through outreach and coordination of the fundraising effort. He is interested in connecting with servant business leaders, community leaders, people focused on social advocacy, unity, and constructive civic discourse, and influencers who leverage their status to lift people’s spirits and give them purpose and cause.
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