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Kickoff to the Bricks+Brands Podcast

November 15, 2021 Benjamin Warsinske Season 1 Episode 1
Bricks+Brands Podcast
Kickoff to the Bricks+Brands Podcast
Show Notes

Welcome to the Bricks+Brands Podcast!

I'm your host, Benjamin Warsinske. The aim of this show is to inspire, educate, and provide you insights into creating the future of work. It starts with understanding yourself so that you can better lead others, providing an empowering workplace culture that thrives.

I love to feature amazing guests, sharing their story, experiences, and expertise as we dissect and discuss the future of work. 

A bit about me: I'm a brand culture expert and certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator. My focus is on how purposeful play contributes to effective people strategies, particularly in the areas of employee engagement, wellbeing, interpersonal relationships, high-performance leadership, and organizational culture change.

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