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Why the Key to Creativity is Diversity & Uncertainty Featuring Ralph Rathburn

May 17, 2022 Benjamin Warsinske Season 1 Episode 24
Bricks+Brands Podcast
Why the Key to Creativity is Diversity & Uncertainty Featuring Ralph Rathburn
Show Notes

In this episode of the Bricks+Brands Podcast, my guest Ralph Rathburn has run international businesses in Asia for over 32 years, helping to entertain tens of millions of Japanese people through the facilitation of tours such as "Disney On Ice," "Disney Live," and other live entertainment shows. 

Meet Ralph Rathburn
For 32 years he's run international businesses in Asia. Ralph founded and managed 4 businesses in Japan – 2 for himself and 2 subsidiaries of a Spanish company. 

His company, AmAsia, has helped entertain tens of millions of Japanese people by facilitating the Japan tours of events such as “Disney On Ice”, “Disney Live”, “Thomas the Tank Engine – Live” and other live entertainments. 

They've worked the Beijing Olympics and Tokyo Olympics and the Rugby World Cup among other major events. 

With my his company, Praxi K.K., he's worked in B2B wholesale and in B2C retail. The company manufactured consumer electronics under license from Hamilton-Beach and imported those and other electronics and household products into Japan. 

Ralph has worked with factories in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy and Poland and has sold products to companies throughout Asia.

The core pillar of Ralph's career, whether working in entertainment or product sales, has been helping people be successful, especially when they are working with people who are different from themselves. 

Ralph has provided intercultural training to dozens of foreign CEOs/Presidents working in Japan and to hundreds of Japanese who have to work with foreigners. 

He's helped multi-cultural teams do creative problem solving to find solutions to intractable problems. 

Ralph is always looking for the next person or company to help.

Learn More and Connect with Ralph
You can find Ralph on LinkedIn or visit his website to learn more. 

After listening to this episode, you'll walk away learning:

  • Why diversity in creativity is critical to understanding the problem at hand
  • What creativity means to Ralph and how he encourages it amongst his teams
  • Why understanding your team's threshold for uncertainty can lead to innovative breakthroughs
  • Plus a whole lot more!
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