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Learning to Embrace Transparency as a Leader

April 19, 2022 Benjamin Warsinske Season 1 Episode 20
Bricks+Brands Podcast
Learning to Embrace Transparency as a Leader
Show Notes

As leaders and managers, we have a lot going on in our head. Often, too much. And because of this, it makes communicating with our team and asking for help a lot harder.  This week on the Bricks+Brands Podcast, I'm talking about a topic that can be hard for leaders to open up about: transparency and how to embrace it.

By not being transparent, it can create unnecessary friction and tension between you and your team. They may feel like you are keeping things from them, or that they aren’t able to do their best work, or that they are missing out on opportunities to grow. 

In this episode, I share three big lessons around transparency as a leader and why it is critical to successful teams. 

You’ll walk away from this episode learning:

  • Why team members feel disconnected, cold, or distant (and what to do about it)
  • Why building trust and connection is critical, but without one key missing ingredient, it makes it nearly impossible to get things done
  • Why withholding information can actually be beneficial to a team (in certain situations)
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