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Why Digital Fluency Matters Featuring Simone Lis

March 08, 2022 Benjamin Warsinske Season 1 Episode 14
Bricks+Brands Podcast
Why Digital Fluency Matters Featuring Simone Lis
Show Notes

My guest this week on the Bricks+Brands Podcast is a digital fluency pioneer. Originally from Germany, she moved to Silicon Valley just over 10 years ago with a suitcase and an idea.

In this conversation, we cover:

  • What Digital Fluency is
  • How you can train in it 
  • Why it matters in today’s business environment
  • Why it’s a superpower for women

Meet Simone

Simone is a corporate innovation expert and digital fluency pioneer. She arrived in San Francisco with a suitcase and an idea just over 10 years ago.  

Against the sound advice of her family, she left her secure but unfulfilling management career in Germany behind and built a new life in southern California. She brings German CEOs to Silicon Valley to match them with innovative start-ups. 

During the pandemic, she founded MatchlabN, a global professional development community where she trains Digital Literacy and unique human skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence - or as she calls it, Digital Fluency.

Simone’s mission is to energize more corporate professionals, particularly women, to think about the digital future we want to live in and help create it.

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